Visual Arts in Primary School:

Looking at & Responding to . . Construction

Berlaymont Building Brussels Architect Lucien Devestel

Looking at & Responding to .... Construction ... Building Detective....What is this building? Is it an oil refinery?

All those pipes certainly remind us of an oil refinery. But these pipes are different colours. Why are some blue, others green, others yellow and more red? Perhaps something different is inside each coloured pipe?

Click on the postcard to the right to read the message on the other side.


Click on the postcard to see the message on the back.

You would not see an oil refinery in the centre of a city!

This other photograph (left) sent to us shows houses beside the big pipes. That means that it surely cannot be an oil refinery. You would not put an oil refinery in the middle of a city with houses all around.

Click on the photograph to the left to read what our tourist wrote on the back!




Could it be a ship?

Could it be a ship!

No, it is not an oil refinery!

No. It is not an oil refinery?

Could it be a glass factory?

Is it a glass factory?

Could it be a famous office block?

Is it an office block?

Could it be a giant wind turbine?

Is it a wind turbine?

Could it be a roller coaster?

Is it a roller coaster?

When you have studied all the postcards you should be able to answer the questions in the Quiz

Do you know the name of the famous building already? Find out!