Visual Arts in Primary School:

Looking at & Responding to . . Construction

Berlaymont Building Brussels Architect Lucien Devestel

Looking at & Responding to .... Construction ... Building Detective....What is this building? Is it an office?

Look at the photograph on the right. The windows look like an office block, but what are the steel bars holding? If this is an office you might expect to see people working at desks, but where are they?

Click on the postcard to the right to read the message.


Click on the postcard to read the message

A drawing of an office block

Look closely at the drawing of an office block to the left. Do you notice how regular each unit is? Do you think the exterior of this building is boring? Why? Do you see any advantages in having each layer or floor the same?

Our building doesn't look like this at all. It is probably not an office block! Besides, would a tourist bother looking at an office block and send back a postcard about it?


No! It is not a ship.

Could it be a ship? Perhaps?

Could it be an oil refinery?

Is it an oil refinery?

Could it be a glass factory?

Is it a glass factory?

No! It is not an office block.

So, it is not an office block!

Could it be a giant wind turbine?

Is it a wind turbine?

Could it be a roller coaster?

Is it a roller coaster?

When you have studied all the postcards you should be able to answer the questions in the Quiz

Do you know the name of the famous building already? Find out!