Visual Arts in Primary School:

Looking at & Responding to . . Construction

Berlaymont Building Brussels Architect Lucien Devestel

Looking at & Responding to .... Construction ...Building Detective....What is this building?

We have a collection of postcards which were sent to us by an Irish tourist visiting France. Our visitor sent the postcards when he was on holidays. He says what he saw was fantastic! Can you look at the postcards and discover where he was? Click on the postcards below and help us to find out what kind of a building he visited.

Could it be a ship?

Is it a ship? Perhaps?

Could it be an oil refinery?

Is it an oil refinery?

Could it be a glass factory?

Is it a glass factory?

Could it be a famous office block?

Is it an office block?

Could it be a giant wind turbine?

Is it a wind turbine?

Could it be a rollercoaster?

Is it a roller coaster?