Visual Arts in Primary School:

Looking at & Responding to . . Construction

Berlaymont Building Brussels Architect Lucien Devestel


This project enables pupils in Fifth and Sixth Classes to explore and respond to construction as outlined in the Visual Arts Curriculum for Primary Schools.

Under the headings of 'Sand' and 'Sculpture' pupils are asked to look at various sculptures, to examine them closely and to give their opinions on them.

In the 'Building Detective' section pupils are asked to discover the identity of a famous building and to answer questions about it.

In the 'Children's Work' section work from children in primary schools is displayed.


This is a project that gives you a chance to tell us what you REALLY think about sculpture. Look at the many sand sculptures and other work and let us know what you think about them.

Try to discover the identity of the famous building in the 'Building Detective' section. Answer the quiz and have your name added to the Winners List.

Send us some of your work - we will display it in our Gallery

Above all - have fun!

Send your work for display in our Gallery