Title - Looking at & responding to paintings
Part of Richard Young's painting Camel Train
Shape and Pattern

"Art is a natural and enjoyable way of extending and enriching the child's experience of the world ." - Curaclam na Bunscoile

Class Group: Fifth and Sixth Classes
Strand: Paint and Colour
Strand Unit: Painting - Looking and Responding

This project enables pupils to explore the various aspects of paint under the headings of colour, line, shape/form/pattern and texture.

Under the area of colour the pupils explore the primary and secondary colours. They investigate how light changes colour. They explore the direction of light in paintings. They are enabled to explore complementary or harmonious colours and tones and warm and cool colours. On each page pupils are asked to visit various online art galleries to look at and respond to famous paintings using the knowledge they have learned.

Different types of line are explored through nature and in man made lines. Pupils are asked to explore the web for paintings that use line to great effect.

In the section on shape and pattern pupils look at pattern in the world around them and how it is used by artists in their paintings.

In the section on texture pupils are encouraged to explore the surface quality of objects around them.

What You Need: This is an interactive site so your browser must be java enabled to take part in the various drag & drop puzzles and quizzes. Please enable popup windows in your browser as help files are used in this way. Many of the sites linked with this project are Flash enabled.

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