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Colour can effect our lives everyday and often we don't realise it! Some colours say "Wake up!" Other colours help us to relax. Red and yellow have a stimulating effect on us. Combinations of these colours are often used in fast-food stores - they help to keep us on the move. Blues, greens and creams help us to relax. These colours are used in waiting rooms at airports and bus and train stations where passengers want to feel relaxed and calm. In this section of the project you will learn all about colour. When you have finished try our quiz to see what you have learned.

Artists use many colours in their work. However, the three most important are called the Primary Colours. These are RED, YELLOW and BLUE. Artists also use black and white to make different shades and tints of colours.

Primary Colours - Red, Yellow and Blue

The Primary Colours can be mixed to make all the other colours. If two Primary Colours are mixed together we get what we call a Secondary Colour - these are ORANGE, GREEN and PURPLE.

Secondary Colours - Orange, Green and Purple

Study the colour wheel below. When you are finished click on the NEXT button at the bottom of the page to try to match the colours in a quiz.

The Colour Wheel

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