simple activites with sound

using the software oscilloscope

using calculator based datalogging





Place your fingers gently on your throat. Make a sound. What do you hear and feel? Put your hand in front of your mouth as you make the sound. What do you feel?

Use a number of other objects to make a sound. What do they seem to do?

Fix a metre stick on a desk with 75 cm sticking out. Set this vibrating. Note the sound. Repeat for 50 cm, 25 cm and 10 cm sticking out. Each time note the sound. What do you notice?

Capture a few sounds using a microphone attached to an oscilloscope or computer. Examine the shape of the trace. What is changing? What are the simplest looking sounds?

Use these to try to find out about basic features of sound before going on to more applied topics like speed, music, hear, etc.

What measurements could be used to describe sounds captured? What do the sound patterns resemble?

This is a worksheet for students which goes through some basic sound experiments. It is suitable for those using any oscilloscope, calculator or computer based sound capture.