Extra material might be useful for project work and special classes. The Cool Edit software can be used to generate stereo sound which is frequency modified so as to mimic various brain wave frequencies.

This can be explored and possible effects on subjects investigated. This is a screen recording ( 1.2 M ) of a first step in this process. It would be applied to music and listening for 30 minutes is recommended for onset of an effect.



A different class of activity is making musical instruments from all kinds of materials. This is often explored at primary school level. One novel (until all act on this) suggestion is to hollow out a carrot to make a whistle.

This site has a host of references for project work related to music and sound.

Science of audio systems 1 2

The exploratorium has a wide range of interesting interactives on sounds. this site is an absolute essential for anyone interested in sound and music.

Over time this site should evolve to include interactive assessment materials, videos and more. Material will also be rearranged to better suit the web page format.