Teacher Guidelines
Student Guidelines
Natural Numbers

Aims and Objectives

This site aims to serve as an introduction to number systems with the aid of visual and interactive tools. It is divided into two main sections ;
  • Natural Numbers
  • Integers
The ability to add subtract multiply and divide whole numbers are prerequisites for the material in this site.


The target audience for this site is primarily first year students in second level schools in Ireland. Some sections will be suitable for younger students.
The site may also be suitable for use by older students for revision or remedial work. It is not unusual for Leaving Certificate students to have difficulty learning more complex concepts because of their lack of basic number handling skills. For example, they can't get to grips with complex numbers because they are still struggling with the multiplication and division of integers.


On completion of the material in this site students should be able to ;
  • Explain and use
    • Factors
    • Prime Numbers
    • Indices
  • Calculate
    • HCF
    • LCM
  • Use estimation to check if their answers are correct
  • Add, subtract multiply and divide integers
  • Execute operations in their corrEct order (BIRDMAS)