You find some activities that will help in your revision and might be a bit of fun as well.

Create your own Newspaper 

This activity allows you to generate your own broadsheet newspaper with help to make it look like a newspaper from the Revolution.

Founding Fathers quiz

How well do you know the Founding Fathers? You might it hard at first but you will find out who it is after a few goes.

Multiple Choice quiz

This is designed to help you test your knowledge on the topic  for your class tests. 

Fling the Teacher

Fling the teacher from the trebuchet. Warning- you have to be really good to fling the teacher.

Patrick Henry "Liberty or Death" /Revolutionary music ring tones

Use a mp3 or wav file download for your moblie phone. D'ONT get me in trouble by using your phone in class.

1770's Childrens game 

Rebus is a very old childrens activity. It can be a very sneaky way to pass a message in secret. Try and make your own!