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Project Title Escape from the Third Reich
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Contact Details

Teacher Name: John Heffernan
School Address: Our Lady’s Grove Secondary School, Goatstown Rd. Dublin 14

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John Heffernan is a recent Higher Diploma in Education graduate. He has worked for a year in a suburban Dublin school. He also has taught and demonstrated ICT to H.Dip. Ed. class for two years. John has previously worked in IT, in the area of software development and testing for four years prior to teaching.

Project Overview

The project attempts to evaluate the potential for using ICT, Multiple Intelligences and cross subject study in the teaching of history in Transition Year. The activity is a web quest based around activities where the student will be set a range of different tasks. Students will access primary sources through ICT applications and software.

What you Need

· You will need access to the Internet for some activities.

· You will need access to Home Economics kitchen for one activity.

· You will need access to large sheets of paper for one activity

· You will need access to a copy of the film “The Great Escape” (1963)


· Real player

· AOL Instant Messenger

· Flash plug-in for your browser. Some of the activities can be done individually or for homework. Some activities will require the co-operation of a group to be successful. All activities should be flexible depending on the number in the class. A small number of activities will require whole class participation.

Curriculum Areas Addressed

The module can be adapted and used in various ways, depending on class needs. A prior knowledge of the background of the topic is not necessary:

· This Transition year module is designed to use source material in different formats such as Real Video, Instant Messaging, Quandary and Flash movies.

· To introduce different activities into the teaching and learning of history e.g. use of MI activities.

· To give a student an opportunity to have a hands on approach in the learning the skills of a oral historian.

· To be innovative in the use of ICT in the teaching of history.

· To use a multi-disciplinary approach which would be consistent with aims of Transition Year.

School Level: Primary Post Primary v Special Education Needs
Class/Level: Transition Year Subject: History Topic: Escape from the Third Reich

Other Information

Teachers should not be afraid to make modifications to suit their own particular circumstances. Any suggestions on modifications or improvements would be greatly appreciated.