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I would like to thank the Office of Public Works and Historic Buildings for their encoutagement and permisson re the photographing and uploading of historical sites in the Carlow area.

I wish to thank Greg Gilligan for all his assistance re matters technical. Always patient and helpful no matter the problem.

I wish to thank participants on Carlow Education Centre Summer ICT Course 2005/2006 who took photographs of the Carlow Dolmen and St. Lazerians. These are included with the relevant categories.

On our field trip to  St.Laserians the staff were particularly helpful and patient. It is a most wonderous place.

Finally I want to thank John Hurley and Michael Hallissey who work so hard on the Teachnet Project. I have found both to be a constant source of advice and encouragement that is both practical and perceptive.

Finally, any faults, mistakes errata are solely my own doing.

Mile Buiochas

John Farrell
Holy Family BNS