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The following links will take you to digital photographs that are copyright free and are designed to be used in local history projects as part of the new curriculum.

This is a wonderful example of a medieval church. The Romanesque doorway is truly amazing. Killeshin church is located off the main Carlow Castlecomber road, adjacent to Killeshin village itself.


A church synod held in 630 AD at St. Lazerians Cathedral decided on a formula was to determine the dates of Easter each year for all the Western church and is in use to the present day! St. Lazerians is located in Old Leighin off the main Carlow Kilkenny Road.

St. Lazerians.htm

On the Carlow to Portlaoise road, there is a fabulous public wooded area known as the Windy Gap. Within this forest there is located a site that was used for the saying of Mass during the Penal Laws. It is very well maintained,  has good parking and clearly signposted.

Mass Rock.htm

To download any of these images onto your computer, you right-click over the image of your choice. You select the option of "Save Picture as..." and save the image to the location of your choice. Each photograph is typically around 400k in size. These can then be used by both pupils, parents, local community groups, teachers etc. in the creation of local history booklets, projects, walking tour guides, essays etc.