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The following links will take you to digital photographs that are copyright free and are designed to be used in local history projects as part of the new curriculum.

Carlow Castle is a fine example of a Norman castle. Half the castle was blown up in the 19th century in an attempt to enlarge the windows! It was being turned into a lunatic asylum at the time.

Carlow Castle.htm 

Rathgall is an amazing stone ring fort which has been extensively excavated. There are some excellent sites on Rathgall with 3-d imaging used to map this important site.

Rathgall Stone Circle.htm

The Rock of Dunamase was one of Strongbow's castles. Dunamase was part of the dowry when Strongbow married the daughter of the King of Leinster. The castle itself was destroyed by Cromwellians.

Rockof Dunamase.htm

To download any of these images onto your computer, you right-click over the image of your choice. You select the option of "Save Picture as..." and save the image to the location of your choice. Each photograph is typically around 400k in size. These can then be used by both pupils, parents, local community groups, teachers etc. in the creation of local history booklets, projects, walking tour guides, essays etc.