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Word Processing is an essential and invaluable aid to enhancing the quality of the education children receive. It also allows teachers and students alike to record, develop, produce and enhance their own work. Some of the images below are scanned and are not as clear in quality as the originals. A large selection of the originals may be sourced   and downloaded at http://www.iol.ie/~askeabns and http://www.teachnet.ie/jfarrell See below for a small selection of examples of Word Processing in action.

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Irish essay in old Gaelic script. Irish essay in modern script. Special occasions. Record original work.
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Posters for all occasions. Hard at work. Blank Alphabet. School Yearbook.
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Use your digital camera! Discipline Worksheets. Computer Club. School Newsletter.
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Reward Vouchers Vocabulary Sheets. Christmas Story Standard Essay
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The Gammon Favourites. Letter to Santa. Plays
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Magazines Traditional Songbook Fund Raising. Picture Quiz Sheets
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Certificate of Merit League Table Extended Essay Book
Example29.jpg (381759 bytes) Example30.jpg (401622 bytes) Example31.jpg (385358 bytes)  
Diary Ireland Quiz Irish Legends Use your imagination!