WP Exercises


    Before doing any of these lessons please preview. Do not forget that these lessons are designed to be completed as independently as possible. The lessons are listed in alphabetical order, not in the order that they are to be taught.
You do not teach all these lessons. You teach only those lessons that you feel are appropriate to your situation.To preview any lesson, just click on it once and wait for Word to load.
    To download any lesson, bring the mouse pointer to the desired lesson. Right click. Select "Save target as.."and save the lesson to an appropriate folder on your desktop. You may then print up the lesson and photocopy the required amount for your class.

Antonym.doc  Selecting and highlighting. Auto Correct.doc Repair text mistakes. Certificates.doc   Make your own.
Clipart.doc      Insert clipart. Difficult. Colouritis.doc Change colour of text. Computer Teacher.doc The easy life!
Cut and Paste.doc Critical universal skill. Data Recording.doc Very technical. Dingbats.doc Do not mix up with fonts.
Doctor!.doc Change fonts styles. dos.doc Trip down memory lane. E mail.doc  Popular lesson.
Edit and Undo.doc Crucial retrieval skill. Elephants.doc  Bullets. Find and Replace.doc Important cross skill.
Find.doc Crucial multi purpose skill. Fonts.doc Change look of lettering. Hundred Square.doc Use the space bar.
Important Keys.doc Difficult revision. Insert Bitmap Image.doc Colourful. Insert Date and Time .doc  No typing!
Knock Knock.doc Tab key. Landscape.doc Page orientation. Loud.doc  Change font size.
Mirror.doc Reversed sentences. Numbers.doc  Large numbers and commas. Paragraphing.doc Create three paragraphs.
Pet Crocodile.doc Turn 1 line into 100. Print Screens.doc Turn screen into image. Right Click.doc Change colour etc of fonts.
Scrabble.doc  Fun but difficult. Symmetry.doc  Letter symmetry. Tables 2X.doc Use of Tab key and Ruler.
Underline.doc Underline specific letters. Word Art.doc Create a letter rocket. Yabba Yabba Doo!.doc Ancient fonts.
Last Sheet.doc  Over to you.