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The links on the left take you to some very important resources:
The History link takes you a wide selection of appropriate links re the history of the keyboard.

The Curriculum link gives exact quotes re word processing and the writing process. These values are clearly reflected in the resources made available in this site.

The Fonts link contains certain fonts necessary for some of the lessons contained in this site. It also contains instructions on how to sucessfully install same.

Wordpad is a free word processing package that comes with all the Windows operating system However, this does not preclude the use of any other word processing package as they are all basically the same.

The Computer Literacy Board is an invaluable aid to teaching a large group of children the basic keys on the keyboard.

The links below start video clips demonstrating some basic points and fundamentals. If you do not have broadband, you should right click and download same. Clips will run in Real Audio or Windows Media Player. Clips must be run in FULL SCREEN MODE

Wordpad.avi Winzip.avi
Shows how to make a shortcut to Wordpad. Shows how to extract files from Winzip.
New Folder.avi Installing Fonts.avi
Create  new folders for better organisation. Tells you how to install fonts. Essential.
Right Click.avi  
Shows how to select and preview fonts.