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The links to the left will take you to over one hundred and twenty seperate lessons. They are written in Word and may be altered as you deem fit.

The lessons themselves are meant to be completed in Wordpad. This is a free word processing package which comes  with all the Windows operating systems. Appropriate fonts must also be installed for some lessons. See
Teacher Resources.

The most important lessons are to be found in the Basic WP Resources links. These lessons cover the essentials as regards word processing.

You download the lesson of your choice.i.e Move mouse pointer over link -right click-
save target as... Open downloaded file. Print it up and photocopy the required number.

You do not have to teach all the lessons. They are there to provide flexibility and choice. The lessons may be taught in a variety of ways. Individual work. Class work. Group work. Rotation. Computer Club. Course work etc. Please change any lesson as you are in charge of what is to be done.

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