Before doing any of these projects please preview. Do not for get that these projects are designed to be adapted and changed as required. I have carried out all the projects here in one form and another. take your time. Plan ahead. Just remember thatonce you complete a successful project you will be expected to do it every year. So think carefully!

To preview any project, just click on it once and wait for Word to load.

To download any lesson, bring the mouse pointer to the desired lesson. Right click. Select "Save target as.."and save the lesson to an appropriate folder on your desktop. You may then print up the lesson and photcopy the required amount for your class.

Banners and Cards.doc Tips re creating banners and cards. Book of Excellence.doc Retain the best for the future.
Book Raffle.doc Cost effective means of acquiring books. Class Story.doc Collaborative writing.
Home School Liasion.doc School newsletter etc. Leabhar Aisti.doc Alt Gr + Vowel = fada.
Ogham Stone.doc Our Millenium project was an Ogham stone. Plays and Posters.doc Include pupil's names in play for clarity.
Readathon etc.doc See Readalong also. Sound.doc Goldwave-Very good sound effect software.
Sports and Certs of Merit.doc Critical for running leagues. Year Book.doc Very popular. Grows in value with time.