Before doing any of these lessons please preview. Do not for get that these lessons are designed to be completed as independently as possible. The lessons are listed in alphabetical order, not in the order that they are to be taught.
    To preview any lesson, just click on it once and wait for Word to load. To download any lesson, bring the mouse pointer to the desired lesson. Right click. Select "Save target as.."and save the lesson to an appropriate folder on your desktop. You may then print up the lesson and photocopy the required amount for your class.

Abbreviations.doc Useful for quizzes. And.doc  Very common error. Apostrophe.doc  Confused with full stop.
Brackets.doc  Maths problems. Build a sentence.doc Extend with words. Capital I.doc  Edit and correct "i"
Caplocks.doc Remove wrong capitals. Class Story.doc Collaborative exercise. Cloze.doc Complete blanks.
Comma.doc Synonyms Drother.doc  Reversals dtp.doc  Desk top publishing.
Extend Sentence.doc Vocabulary builder. Full stops.doc Too many full stops. Glemating.doc Nonsense words.
Half Sentence.doc   Jumbled sentences. He She.doc  Role reversal. Inverted Commas.doc Direct speech.
Scrambled.doc  Word misspells. Lost Capitals.doc Misplaced capitals. Missing Vowels.doc Insert vowels.
Number Code.doc Coded messages. Optician.doc Font size exercise. Portmanteaus.doc Combined words.
Soccer Match.doc  Clichés. Spaced Letters.doc Rejoin letters. Spaced Words.doc Too many spaces.
Spaces.doc No space bar used! Spell Checkers.doc  Day for They. Suspects.doc  Alphabetical order.
Tests.doc  Correct mistakes. Twenty Five Words.doc Use these only. Wrong Word.doc Remove wrong word.