Before doing any of these lessons please preview. Do not for get that these lessons are designed to be completed as independantly as possible. The lessons are listed in alphabetical order, not in the order that they are to be taught.
    To preview any lesson, just click on it once and wait for Word to load.To download any lesson, bring the mouse pointer to the desired lesson. Right click. Select "Save target as.."and save the lesson to an appropriate folder on your desktop. You may then print up the lesson and photcopy the required amount for your class.

Ampersand.doc  Design a business card. Anti Smoking.doc Letter to Sir Walter. Book Review.doc  Standarised form.
Braille.doc How do blind people type? Calendar.doc  Create your own. Jan 2000 Circus Poster.doc  Text only poster.
Counties.doc  Jumbeled up counties. Dialogue.doc SSSSSSnakes alive! Diary.doc  Collaborative monsters.
Dictionary.doc  Old jokes never die! Encryption.doc  Be a secret agent. Froggies.doc  Strange brew?
Headlines.doc  Nursery Rhymes Latest. html.doc  Pre WYSIWYG Idiomatic Speech.doc   Scallion Eaters.
Interview.doc  Cluck! Cluck! Kidnapped.doc  Return your library books! Litter.doc  Anti-litter poster.
Menomics.doc  I can't remember. Money.doc  Bill @ 20c each Monster Menu.doc   McDracula's Place.
Newsletter.doc  It must be true! Poetry.doc  Learn about Seperates. Price List.doc  Cars of the future.
Ransom Note.doc  Release the teachers! Riddles.doc  Italic writing. Roman Numerals.doc  MMIV
Santa.doc  Letter to Santa. Seanfhocail.doc  Old Gaelic sayings. Soccer.doc  League table. Difficult.
T.V. Time.doc  Timetable. Table of Contents.doc Three Pigs. Time Table.doc  Waiting at the station.
Tounge Twisters.doc   Round the ragged.. Trick Questions.doc Read carefully. Wanted Poster.doc Still at large.