To view some of these lessons you need to install the fonts listed below. This will enable you to view the lesson sheets as they are supposed to look. Most of the lesson plans are based on Times New Roman and Arial which are standard fonts. However, some lessons such as Monster Menu, Ransom Note etc. require specific fonts. Other lessons require certain dingbats i.e. Symbols, such as ogham writing, as opposed to letters.Please follow the instructions outlined below to successfully install appropriate fonts and dingbats. Once installed you do not repeat this process. Also, these fonts will be available to whatever word processing packages you have installed on your computer.

You need to download the following fonts folder.  This is a zipped file 1.27mb in size. You need Winzip to open this file. Download by right-clicking and selecting save targetas...

1:Download the folder onto your destop.[Click ONCE on Fonts Folder. Bring pointer over highlighted Fonts Folder. Right Click. Select "Save target as.." Save the Fonts Folder onto your desktop.]

2:Open folder and choose "Select all..." from  the menu bar.

3:Minimise the folder.

4:Go to START-CONTROL PANEL and open.

5:Locate the FONTS folder and open.

6:Select "Paste" from the menu toolbar. If any of the fonts are preinstalled, you will be informed of this. Click on "Yes."

7:That's it. Just don't forget to close any open folders.