The following extracts are taken from The Irish Primary Curriculum -English. Broad objectives P11 and P12.
The resources and lessons available on this website are based on the following quotes.

1:"Use computer technology to in learning to write and for information retrieval."

2:"Write in a variety of genres appropriate for school and outside needs."

3:"Learn to edit and refine writing and develop a sense of appropriate presentation."

4:"Develop print awareness, an understanding of the purposes of print and a control over the different ways meaning is derived from print."

5:"Explore, experiment with and enjoy all the playful aspects of language."

6:"Compose, relate and write his/her own stories and poems."

7:"Expand his/her vocabulary and develop a command of grammer, syntax and punctuation."

8:"Write for different purposes and different audiences."

9:"Develop a sense of discrimination with regard to the use of language and images in the media."

10:P.40 Third and Fourth Class:"Develop his/her ability to write using information technology - word processing."













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