Creative Writing


Before doing any of these lessons please preview. Do not for get that these lessons are designed to be completed as independantly as possible. The lessons are listed in alphabetical order, not in the order that they are to be taught.

To preview any lesson, just click on it once and wait for Word to load.

To download any lesson, bring the mouse pointer to the desired lesson. Right click. Select "Save target as.."and save the lesson to an appropriate folder on your desktop. You may then print up the lesson and photcopy the required amount for your class.

An Acrostic Poem.doc Very good re writing a poem. Dentist.doc Nero goes to the dentist.
Descriptive Building.doc   Describe an apartment block. Descriptive Emotions.doc Clare O'Leary!
Descriptive Personality.doc And still they gazed... Descriptive Rules.doc More suitable as an oral lesson.
Descriptive Situation.doc Cool dudes! Descriptive Weather.doc Compare and contrast images.
Descriptive.doc Famine boat scene. Excuses.doc Homework free zone.
Future City.doc  Carlow 3001 Ghost Story.doc You are the ghost.
Map Directions.doc Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum. Owl's Life.doc "The Owl who was afraid of the dark" Excellent.
Right Aligned Rhymes.doc Good rhyming lesson. Change rhymes. Space Station.doc Select favourite luxuries.
Teacheritis.doc  Very infectious. Technical Spaceship.doc Gobble De Gook!
The Gig.doc One Two Three Four! Bang! Crash! Wallop! The Warrior.doc  Check out Siege of Troy.
Vowel Poetry.doc  Use find and replace. What you say!.doc What you think and what you say.