Arrow Keys


The thumbnails below are images of the Basic Word Processing Lessons. If you download documents directly from Word Processing Excercises, they will be much clearer. They will also be live. This means you can change any lesson to suit your own particular needs. However, the previews are very useful for getting a notion of what the lessons are about before you go to the bother of downloading same.

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Proper use of the arrow keys is essential in word processing. Time spent on same will be well rewarded.

The lessons above are samples of what are available on this site. To view categorised lessons go to the Word Processing Excercises links. Also, make sure you have installed the appropriate fonts in order that the lessons appear as they do in the thumbnails. You do not teach all the lessons! There is no end to the amount of lessons that can be created in relation to word processing. However, the basics are crucial and must be taught before attempting any of the other lessons. They are located in the QWERTY section of the interactive keyboard.

Remember: Select the lesson you want to teach. Adjust to your own needs. Print it up. Photocopy the required number of times. Store the lessons for reuse.