Interactive Keyboard


I'm a computer. Get me out of here!F stands for Function not FUNKY!Grab that screen!Throw away the key!wpe42.jpg (1240 bytes)

One Two Buckle my shoe!I am de termintor!!Lost in Cyberspace.

Where's my Tab?The Basics!Don't fence me in.wpe4E.jpg (5603 bytes)wpe4F.jpg (1455 bytes)

No hats here!Lets get creative.Matilda's favourite.Knock! Knock!         wpe54.jpg (3749 bytes)

Geta along! Move along!Sort them out!I wonder how, I wonder why!Go! Move! Shift!       Up ! Up and away!        wpe5C.jpg (3757 bytes)

Who's in control around here?Oh to be on Sugartop Mountain...Major Tom? Lost in Space.Fada Fada Fada.wpe63.jpg (1561 bytes)He went that away.wpe65.jpg (2034 bytes)   wpe66.jpg (1292 bytes)  wpe68.jpg (2159 bytes)