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This website provides an interactive and multisensory presentation covering the Junior Certificate Ordinary Level Maths papers from 2005 to 2008. The material is provided in PowerPoint 2003 format with many animations to help students visualise the concepts required for this topic.

Learning Objectives

  • To actively engage learners in their own learning.
  • To provide multisensory, active learning experiences in order to enhance learning.
  • To cater for different learning styles.
  • To attract the attention of reluctant learners.
  • To maintain students' attention.
  • To increase motivation and sustain learning.
  • To develop and foster independent learning and thus enable students take ownership of their own learning.
  • To build confidence.
  • To encourage success and facilitate progress.

Project Scope

  • The content reflects the 3 year Junior Certificate Maths syllabus. It presents approaches to and procedures for answering examination questions for Junior Certificate Ordinary Level Maths on all topics.

Level of interaction

  • The students will interact with this resource at a number of levels.
  • At a physical/tactile level, the student will control the pace of the lesson and the degree of repetition required.
  • The student engages both visual and auditory modalities while learning.
  • Having engaged the tactile, visual and auditory senses, the student is now strongly disposed to accommodate and assimilate new information and understanding.
  • The student engages cognitively thus learning how to approach questions/problems and break solution procedures down into logical steps.
  • The student can then retrace the steps taken and thus see solving the problem as a logical procedure progressing from problem to solution.

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