Teachers' Notes

Webquests are a form of web-based inquiry learning devised by Bernie Dodge in 1995. They are based on constructivist and collaborative learning.

This webquest is designed in response to the Irish Junior Certificate Religious Education Syllabus 2000.

  • It is aimed at students in lower secondary education, ages 12-15.
  • It includes a number of links about each of the synoptics and some general background information.

The objectives of this section of the syllabus are that the students should:

  1. be able to name some of the sources of information about Jesus of Nazareth;
  2. differentiate between documents of faith and documents of history;
  3. be able to trace the development of the Gospels from oral tradition to written word.

This webquest is designed to meet objective 3 (content section 4 and 5).


Key concepts

  • evidence from written tradition
  • gospel
  • evangelist
  • witness
  • synoptic

Description of Content for this webquest

  • The evangelists as people of faith; how the gospels came to be written
  • Different perspectives in the gospels - some examples from the writings of the evangelists

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