The similarities with the Titanic exercise are:

  1. Each of the evangelists (gospel writers) wrote for a different audience, and had a different interests and backgrounds.
  2. Each wrote in Greek (a foreign language) at least 30 years after the death and Resurrection of Jesus
  3. Matthew and Luke copied part of their works from Mark - even mistakes in grammar and spelling!

The Gospel Problem

  • Matthew, Mark and Luke are termed together the Synoptic Gospels because each gives an overview or synopsis of the life of Jesus.
  • There are a lot of similarities between these three Gospels regarding the stories and saying of Jesus. It is thought that Luke and Matthew were based on Mark, who in turn based his account on eyewitness accounts and on another written source, called Q (from the German for source) which is now lost.

However, we are not sure who wrote which parts.

  • Your teacher will divide you into groups.
  • In your groups you are going to work as a real Bible scholar employed by the quiz programme to devise 10 multiple-choice questions for tonight's quiz show.
  • Click here for sources for your questions.







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