Before you start work on the gospel quiz questions, consider the following situation:

  • You and your two friends are in class together:

  • Your Irish teacher recently asked you to write in Irish an account of the film Titanic.

  • One of you is a sailing enthusiast and has been sailing since the age of 10.

  • Another is leader of the Christian action group in school and regularly campaigns on behalf of the poor.

  • The third is in love for the first time

In Your Group Discuss the following points.

  • Will your accounts be identical or will the time lapse affect what you remember?

  • How will your interests and background affect what you remember about the film?

  • Will the fact that your account is not written in your mother tongue make a difference to the way you write?

  • If your essays were very similar in language and grammar mistakes, what might your teacher suspect?





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