Cell Biochemistry
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This is a process whereby the green parts of a plant can use the energy of the sun along with a green pigment, chlorophyll, Carbon Dioxide and Water, to make their own simple sugar. This sugar is then used primarily as a fuel in the process of Respiration.

Where does it occur?

As stated before, the process of Photosynthesis occurs in the green parts of all plants. This is due to the presence of special organelles called Chloroplasts, which contain a green pigment called Chlorophyll.

  1. The Light Dependant Phase is made up of the following two processes:

    1. Cyclic Photophosphorylation in which ATP is formed to fuel to Light Independent Phase (Dark Phase)
    2. Non-cyclic Photophosphorylation in which water is split to form H2 and O2. The O2 is released through the stomata and the H2 is taken into the Light Independent phase in order to reduce Phosphoglyceric acid to Phosphoglyceraldehyde.

  2. The Light Independent Phase in which Glucose is made.