Cell Biochemistry
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Manufacturing ATP

Manufacturing NADPH2

Cyclic Phosphorylation

Non Cyclic Phosphorylation

Calvin Cycle

Photosynthesis Worksheet

Photosynthesis Experiments


Manufacturing NADH2


Krebs Cycle

Electron Transport system

Respiration Worksheet

Respiration Experiment

Aims Of This Module

This unit is produced to further the aims of the new Leaving Certificate biology Syllabus. In particular it aims to:

  • Contribute to student general education through their involvment in the process of scientific investigation and the acquisition of biological knowledge snd understanding

  • Encourage in students an attitude of scientific enquiry, of curiosity and self-discovery through

    1. Individual study and personal initiative
    2. Team work
    3. Class-directed work
    4. Developing and understanding of biological facts and principles.