Cell Biochemistry
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Manufacturing ATP

Manufacturing NADPH2

Cyclic Phosphorylation

Non Cyclic Phosphorylation

Calvin Cycle

Photosynthesis Worksheet

Photosynthesis Experiments


Manufacturing NADH2


Krebs Cycle

Electron Transport system

Respiration Worksheet

Respiration Experiment

Teacher Guidelines


This site makes extensive use of Macromedia Flash, so the Flash Player 6 should be installed on each computer. You can do this by clicking on the following link Get the player

If the computers use windows NT, 2000 or XP Professional then you may need to get your network administrator to install these for you as your user account may not allow you to do it yourself.

Classroom Management

Before allowing the students to use this site for themselves it is a good idea to introduce the material using a computer linked to a data projector. An interactive whiteboard is also useful when introducing the students to the site in this way.

It is sugested that you introduce the students to the functions of ATP and NAD or NADP before they study the main sections on photosynthesis or respiration. The site looks at the various stages of both of these processes in sequence and they students should spend time ensuring they understand the first parts of these processes before they progress to the later sections.

While the use of a computer can be a motivating factor for getting the students involved in the material it is essential that the teacher is available to give added explanation, encouragement, feedback and direction.

To help keep students interested it is useful to move back and forth between the use of the site as a presentation tool in a whole class teaching situation and the individual use of the site by students.