Print out the following activities and complete them
after reading each section.

Activity Sheet 1

Name: ___________________________ Date:______________

(1)Find Co. Kerry and Annascaul on a map of Ireland

(2)Draw the Kerry Flag

(3)What is the Irish for Co. Kerry _____________________________

(4)Name four towns in Co. Kerry ___________________________________________________________

(5)Name the dolphin that is a tourist attraction in Co. Kerry _______________________

(6)Find out about the differences between life in the past and the present (now) and list one under each of the following headings:

(a)School ___________________________________________________




(e)Games played_____________________________________________

Activity Sheet 2

1. Where was Captain Scott from? _______________________________
2. What was the name of the ship? _______________________________
3. Describe Antarctica ________________________________________
4. Name the animals that can be seen there and draw a picture of one of them. __________________________________________________________

5. Find New Zealand on a map of the world

6. Draw the Irish flag

7. A four-man sledge weighed about 350kg. List 3 things that weigh about one kg.

8. Imagine you are one of the crew describing your expedition to a friend after you have returned home.

9. Draw a picture of any part of this expedition

10. Why do you think they had sledge dogs on board? ____________________________________________________________
11. Why do you think they had sheep on board?
12. The temperatures in Antarctica have reached below -40 degrees Celsius. Find out the coldest temperatures ever recorded in Ireland. Visit (you may need to email them)

Activity Sheet 3

1. Find out more about Tom smuggling the rabbit on board by reading Tom Crean's Rabbits by author Meredith Hooper and Bert Kitchen. (Your local library or any good bookshop may have it)

2. Find Norway on the map.

3. Draw the Norwegian Flag.

4. With a partner act out the conversation between Captain Scott and Tom when the captain told him he would not be continuing on the final part of the journey to the Pole.

5. Scurvy is a disease caused by lack of Vitamin C in the body.
Find out what foods are rich in Vitamin C.

Activity Sheet 4

  1. In what year did Tom's final expedition begin?
  2. Who was the captain of this expedition?
  3. Find Chile on a world map.
  4. Why do you think Tom named one of the dogs Nell?
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