Teacher's Guidelines

Thank you for visiting FarmNet, the Agricultural Science Website. The site is generally self explanatory but here are a few helpful hints about how to get the most out of FarmNet as a teaching resource.

  1. Before you use the site in the classroom be very aware of the structure of the site, in particular the areas you and your class wish to explore.

  2. Try some of the exercises and crosswords yourself so that you can assess their suitability to your class group.

  3. Plan your visit. Outline which links, exercises, games etc you want your students to visit and how long they should spend on each section.

  4. Some of the exercises are available in a printable format. You may wish to give these as homework.

  5. Finish each section with a essay on a topic associated with a web link, example The Importance of the Safety Statement.

  6. Certain Topics use the Web Quest format, with quizzes and puzzles designed to test their knowledge of the visited stes.

FarmNet is just beginning and there are mistakes. If you see them please let us me know. If you have any ideas or suggestions on design, usability or possible learning / teaching methods, they are very welcome. I hope you enjoy using FarmNet. I have enjoyed making it.




Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science