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Transport and Communications

Communication is the way people can talk to and contact each other. Have a look at some of the methods of communication in Ballina.
Phone Box Vodafone Shop Post box
Phone Box
Vodafone Mobile Phone Shop
Post Box

Internet access Walking routes
Internet Cafe for using the internet and sending e-mails. Walking Routes: Walking is a great way to chat to someone and is great exercise at the same time. This route around the town is 3.2km.

Some methods of transport in the town are the Bus, the train, cars, and trucks.
Bus Station cars Ballina Train Station
The Bus Station
Mouse over
The Traffic
The Train Station
Mouse over

Petrol Station
These vehicles need fuel. They can get this fuel to power their vehicles at a petrol station There are many garages for people to buy their cars in the town.

People who drive on the roads must obey road signs. Take a look at some of the road signs from around the town. You can click on the road sign to enlarge it.
Parking Stop No right turn Disabled parking
Parking available
No right turn
Disabled parking

Road Signs Road signs have letters and a number on them. The letter N stands for a national road. The letter R stands for a regional road. These are often small roads. See can you spot the letter on the sign?
Mouse over to see the road signs


Signs on the ground Sometimes messages are written on the roads. See can you spot any messages on the roads?
Mouse over to see another message


Zebra crossings are useful when people need to cross a busy road like this one near Dunnes Stores.

Car Park When there are lots of buildings in an area parking can sometimes become a problem. There are many car parks in Ballina. Parking is paid for by the hour. Tickets can be bought from the pay and display stations that are located in the car parks.
Mouse over to see the pay and display


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