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Settlement and Other Buildings

Ballina is a busy, growing town. There are many new housing estates, shops and businesses opening every day. Penneys will be opening in the town in Spring 2007.
building appartments
building estates
building new shops
Building appartments
Building estates
Building new shops


There are many different types of homes to stay and live in the town.
terraced houses detached houses Hotels
Terraced Houses
Detached Houses
Semi-detached houses
B & Bs
Semi-Detached Houses
B & B's


Some street names in the town are named after the types of building in the area e.g. Mercy Street is named after the Mercy Convent.


Mercy Road sign
Terraced Houses Mercy Convent


Some important buildings in the town are the schools, churches, banks, shops, cinema and post office.
St. Patrick's Church St. Muredach's Cathedral cinema
St. Patrick's Church
Work began on the Cathedral in 1827. The stone was local and the roof and ceiling were completed by 1845. The spire was completed in 1855 and in 1875 the organ had been installed.
The Cinema
The pharmacy Restaurants The Post office
The Pharmacy
The Post Office
Banks Art Centre  
Art Centre: This art centre holds exhibitions by different artists each month.



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