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People at Work

People living in the town of Ballina and the surrounding countryside use the services that the town offers. People are needed to work in these places. Some examples of the services people use are the banks, the post office, the shops and the library.
Banks newsagents Library

Banks provide a service for people to get loans, pay bills and save money.

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The Newsagent sells us papers, cards, magazines and stationary. The library provides a service for people to borrow books, research information and use the internet.
Post office Supermarkets Fruit Shop

The post office allows people to pay bills, get stamps to post letters and parcels and save money.

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Supermarkets provide us with the food we need.

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The Grocer sells us fruit and vegetables.


Many people in the town have special jobs to do. For example the teacher, the doctor, the dentist, the guard, the ambulance driver and the priest.
ambulance diver Hospital Garda Station
The ambulance driver
The doctor cares for people in hospitals and in centres

The guards ensures people in the town are keeping the law.


Some people work with construction and trades such as painting, carpentry, tiling, plumbing, electrician, mechanics.
buildings painting roadworks
Buildings offer lots of jobs. Painters are needed to make buildings look nice. Many people work with the roads and make them safe for cars and people.



Fishing is a popular sport in the area and many shops sell the local produce. The town attracts many anglers each fishing season. Salmon and trout are popular fish from the Moy.

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Many people in Ballina work in the tourism and recreations facility like the golf course, the tourist office and the caravan park.
Tourist office Caravan Park Golf Course
The Tourist office
The Beleek Caravan Park
The Golf Course


Others people in the town work in factories like Ballina Beverages, Pure Fresh Dairies and Hollister.
Pure fresh dairies Hollister Logo
Ballina Beverages logoCoke logo

Pure Fresh Dairies ensures we have safe milk to drink.

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Hollister is a factory that make health care products. This makes peoples lives better. The factory opened in 1976. Hollister employs 325 workers.
Ballina Beverages sometimes called Coke. Ballina Beverages is a Manufacturing Plant. The Plant was constructed during 1998 and 1999 with manufacturing commencing in 2000.


In small groups list all the people you can think of in Ballina that provide services to us.
You can download the word document by "right clicking" on the link below and "saving target as". Use the grid to help you fill in the services.


Estate Agent
Sells and rents houses and shops
McComiskey Auctioneering
Sells fruit and vegetables
Falcon Fruits
Fruit Market

Ballina Town Services

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