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People and Communities

People are very important in any town or city. A community is a group of people who work together to make a better place in an area. People in Ballina are involved in many communities and clubs.
Some of the clubs and communities in Ballina are The Swimming Club, The Ballina Tennis Club, The athletic Club, The Drama Club, The Badminton Club, The Parent and Toddler Group, The Stephenites Football Club, The Ballina Town Football Club,
The Rotary Club: This club raises money for various charities such as Guide Dogs for the Blind and Local charities.
The Hospice Support Group: This group raises money for the hospice through fundraising activities such as coffee mornings, church gate collections, Christmas Cards, Sunflowers.
Sports and Lesiure Centre Swimming pool Tennis Club
The Ballina Sports and Leisure Centre has a large hall and a gym. Bingo is sometimes held in the big hall as well as summer camps for children.
The Ballina Swimming Pool is located near the Cathedral. It is a public pool and caters for children and adults.
The Ballina Tennis Club is located behind the swimming pool.

Ballina Family Resource Centre The Ballina Family Resource Centre uses principles of community development and enables the local community to work together to address their needs. This project is voluntary run. The centre works with issues in Ballina such as poverty, lone parents, families at risk, people with a disability, youth, Travellers and other Minortity Ethnic Groups.
The Centre also provide photocoying, binding, laminating and faxing as well as Social Welfare Leaflets. The new building is located besite the old library.

Golf course

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Ballina Golf Course is an inviting 18 Hole parkland course situated on the outskirts of the town. The course is set against the scenic splendour of the Ox Mountains and majestic Nephin Range, making it one of the most scenic parkland courses in the West of Ireland.
There is also two driving ranges near the town.
The golf club house has a golf shop and restaurant.


The Stephenites GAA grounds

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The Stephenites was opened on the 16th September 1973 by the President of the G.A.A, Dr. Domnall ó Cianain.


Some people become leaders in the community. They help to organise the work that needs to be done and the workers that do it. Many people give their time to help others and do not get paid. This is called voluntary work.
A voluntary group in Ballina is the “Ballina Street Festival”. They organise the Town's 10 day festival for July. Thousands of visitors flock to Ballina. It is an action packed, fun time in the town.
Festival Link
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Fireworks display Heritage Day
After the Mardi Gras street parade fireworks fill the sky on the last night of the festival. Heritage Day is a very busy day in the town. Many stalls display traditional goods from the past.


The tourist office offers advice to people visiting the area. The can inform people what's on in the town and local area. They also inform them where to stay and provide maps and brochures of the town.
Tourist Office Tourist Information Board
The tourist office

Tourist Information boards.
These boards are located around the town in English and in Irish to inform people about the area and businesses.


People also organise clean-ups of the area. The county council collects rubbish in the town and brings it to the recycling centre on the Killala Road. Many people give their free time with litter clean-ups.
Clothes and bottle bank Picking up litter
Clothing banks, like this one at Dunnes Store, are great place for people to recycle their clothes and also help local charities such as the St. Vincent De Paul and Enable Ireland. A local person involved in a litter clean-up.


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