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Ballina is one of the largest towns in County Mayo in the west of Ireland.
Ballina was founded in 1723 by Lord Tyrawley but there is no doubt that the settlement on the banks of the Moy existed long before the early 18th century.
The original name of the town was Belleek or in Irish, Beal Athà an Fheà da, and today there is still a part of Ballina called Belleek along with Belleek woods. The modern day town has a population of 10, 000 people and is the gateway to North Mayo and West Sligo.

Ballina is a busy town full of History.

The town is the birthplace of Mary Robinson, who became the seventh President of Ireland on 3rd December 1990. She was the first woman President of Ireland.

Mouse over the picture to see the names of the different amenities in the town. Golf Fishing Restaurants Caravan park Parking

Here are some pictures of the town. Click on them to expand. You can save them and print them off.
Casement Street Tone Street
Garden Street Garden Street
Tolan Street Tolan Street
Lower Pearse Street Pearse Street
O' Rahilly Street O' Rahilly Street

Take a look at Ballina Town Map to see where some of the Streets are: Click Here

Have a look at the O.S. map of the town to see the layout of the area. You might spot some services and buildings that you may recognise. Click here for O.S. Map

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