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This is a project about zoos and zoo animals for first and second class. It is divided into ten activities. The first eight are knowledge acquisition based and the last two are challenges which necessitate the use of this newly acquired knowledge. The challenges are denoted A and B. In A  the pupils design and build a zoo. In B they develop a presentation about their zoo and the animals that live there. This can be paper based or can be done using Powerpoint, Hyper Studio or any other application that you deem appropriate. It can then be presented to the class and discussed. The idea is that the pupils are completing the challenges in order to impress an American millionaire to fund the building of their zoo! See pupils' page for more information.

Each activity will take approximately 40 minutes to an hour to complete.  The challenges will take a little longer, an hour and a half to two hours. It is envisaged that the project would take about ten weeks to complete and that pupils would work collaboratively in groups of three. Each pupil assumes a role in the project. These roles can be swapped throughout the course of the project. The roles are: Techie, Designer and Content Developer. While each pupil will be responsible for their own area, they will assume joint responsibility for the overall project.

Organising the project
Pupils can keep all materials relating to the project in a folder. Each group can print out a project cover. They can do this from the activities page, which can be accessed from the menu bar above. As they complete each activity they can print out a cover page for it to help organise their work. They can print these from the activities page as they are required.

There is an assessment sheet here. It can be filled out by the teacher and/or pupils throughout the course of the project. It focuses on the assessment of the content of the project and group work skills developed. Once they have completed all activities the pupils can print out a certificate of completion.

The project covers the curriculum area SESE, the strand Living things and the strand unit Plant & animals. Pupils are given opportunities to develop skills of investigation, designing and making.