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Welcome to the Zoo Kids Challenge. There is a very important zoological exhibition taking place in the RDS in Dublin soon. There's a millionaire coming from America. He really likes zoos. He is looking for a new zoo to fund. That means he'll pay to have it built!

You are challenged to learn all you can about zoos and zoo animals by completing activities 1 to 8, and then design and build your own zoo (activity 9), in the hope that he will really like it and pay to have it built!

Not only that! You are also required to create a presentation about your zoo (activity 10). He will listen carefully to this and then make his decision!

Your presentation can be created using paper and charts, or you can use PowerPoint or any other tool you and your teacher choose. You will deliver your presentation to your classmates in preparation for the real thing and they will ask questions about it and suggest ways to make it even better. Good luck!