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There are ten activities in this project. In activities one to eight, you will learn about zoos and zoo animals. Activities nine and ten are challenges! You will need to complete activities one to eight before attempting the challenges.

You will complete them all in groups of three. Each person in the group will have a role as follows, a techie, a content developer and a designer. You can swop roles as you work through the activities. Even though you have a role you will be responsible as a group for the whole project. Here are some rules to keep in mind when working in a group.

It would be a good idea to keep anything you print, write or draw in a ring binder or folder. You can print a cover for your project from here.  As you work your way through the activities you can print out a cover for each one.

Cover for activity 1
 Cover for activity 6
Cover for activity 2
 Cover for activity 7
Cover for activity 3
 Cover for activity 8
 Cover for activity 4
 Cover for activity 9
 Cover for activity 5
 Cover for activity 10