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Image of an elephant

Activity 4 - Elephants

Talk time
Take a look at this picture and answer the following questions. You do not have to write your answers down, just talk about them in your group. Remember the rules for group work! You can print out this page now so that you can have the questions in front of you as you work.

1. A baby elephant is called a calf. Look at how small the calf is beside its mammy. If you were standing beside that baby elephant, what size would he be compared to you?
2. Do you think the elephant calf likes its mammy? How do you know?
3. Where do you think the calf's daddy is?
4. Where do you think the elephant and calf are going?

Task 1
Read this information about the elephants at Dublin Zoo very carefully then complete task 1.
Task 2
Here you'll write about elephants on this worksheet. Talk about the pictures first. What are the elephants doing? Where are they? How do you know this? What types of elephants are they? What colours are they? Can you see both Asian and African elephants? How can you tell?

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