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Activity 1 - Zoo Maps

In this activity you will look at a map of Dublin Zoo.  Working in your group of three, you will examine the map carefully and then complete this record sheet. You will need to keep looking at the map so that you can complete all the tasks. So print out the record sheet now.

You can print out instructions  to guide you to the map. Read these instructions fully then click on  Link to Dublin Zoo map to get to it.

Link to instructions for Dublin Zoo map.
Link to map of Dublin Zoo

 In your groups discuss where the different animals are located. Why do you think they are located in these particular areas? Discuss what the amenities (toilets, restaurants, shops etc) are and where the amenities are located. Why do you think this is so? Is there a playground? Where is it located? Why do you think it is located here? Remember the rules for working in groups! Everyone should have a chance to talk and to listen. Remember to put the record page into your Zoo Kids Challenge folder in the activity 1 section.