This website was designed as a resource for those who wish to learn about the photoelectric effect.

A primary concern in the way the site has been structured is to meet the needs of teachers who wish to use it in the classroom.

Teachers might first review the site, select what areas will meet their students needs and devise a scheme of work and an appropriate time scale. (e.g. Use three 40 minutes sessions for the topic).

Naturally students may wish to use this website on their own, and pursue the subject of the photoelectric effect in their own way at a pace that suits them.

Some students may find it serves their needs best as a revision aid.

Hopefully the general reader will find it accessible and informative.

The Leaving Certificate Syllabus for Physics, has the same entry for Higher Level as for Lower Level. Therefore the same material may be covered for both.

To check the Syllabus click here.

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