Donal Horgan is a teacher in Scoil Ursula Blackrock, Cork where he works in Learning Support. As well an an interest in History and SESE, he has a particular interest in computer-based applications in the area of Learning Support. He is currently involved in developing a Sight Vocabulary program for use in Irish schools.

Seven Days in History

Project Description

Project Overview

While there is a widespread awareness of the significance of the Easter Rising 1916 in shaping modern Ireland, there is a dearth of knowledge regarding what actually happened during this fateful week. Seven Days in History is a day by day account of what happened during the Easter Rising. As well as photographic evidence, it draws on eyewitness accounts from people with differing political opinions to illustrate the value of considering different viewpoints in appraising any given historical event.

The project also looks at the press and media coverage of the Easter Rising. In doing so, the aim is to stimulate discussion on the factors shaping media coverage of major news stories in today's world.


Curriculum Addressed


The Students

"Seven Days in History" is suitable for 6th class pupils in primary and/or up to Junior Cert at secondary level.


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