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1990 - 2000


The population of the Republic of Ireland now stands at 3,626,000. This is roughly similar to what the population of Ireland was in 1880.

In Dublin, traffic congestion worsens as more cars use the streets of the capital. In an effort to ease the congestion, it is announced that a tram-type system of public transport, known as LUAS, will be built. Construction is expected to take several years.

1998 - The Good Friday Agreement is signed. This is a big step forward and offers the prospect of peace in Northern Ireland.

Following a competition, Dublin Corporation announce that a new monument "The Spire of Light" is to be erected on the site of Nelson's Pillar. The structure will be made of polished metal and measure 120 metres in height - approximately three times the height of the nearby GPO.

Scientists continue to express worry about the depletion of the Ozone Layer. This is an invisible layer in the Earth's atmosphere which protects us from harmful rays. Increased pollution and the use of fossil fuels are believed to be damaging the Ozone Layer.

O Connell Street 1990's

Talking Points

An open top bus and a tour bus are travelling down O Connell Street. Who is travelling in
these buses and why have they come to Ireland?
Are there any new advertisements visible?
Compare the above photograph with that of O Connell Street in 1900.
In what ways has O Connell Street (today) changed since the 1990 photograph?
Try to imagine O Connell Street in 2090 - how might the street be different to that of 1990?


Home Life

More homes now have appliances such as microwave ovens and dishwashers. CD's are starting to replace cassette tapes. Satellite television stations are growing in popularity and many homes now have a satellite dish. There is instant broadcasting via satellite from around the world. Mobile phones are smaller and lighter. Text messaging is becoming a popular way of communicating.

Many homes now have computers. Worldwide, more than 500 million are now connected to the internet. E-mail becomes more popular. Digital cameras go on sale.

DVD is introduced and starts growing in popularity. Many films are now available on DVD instead of video tape.

There are more fast-food restaurants on the streets. At home, people eat more convenience food. This is food which is already prepared and just needs cooking. Also, Irish people are now eating a wider range of food than would have been the case with their parents or grandparents. Many shops are now open on Sundays.

A new television station TG 4 comes on air. Based in Conamara, TG 4 broadcasts programmes in Irish.

With the approach of the year 2000, big celebrations are planned to mark the new millennium. In Ireland, a tree is planted on behalf of every Irish family.

Irish Classroom 1990's

Achievements and Discoveries

1990 - The Hubble Telescope is launched into space. It will allow scientists to search deeper into space.

1991 - Two mountaineers discover the body of a Bronze Age man in a glacier in the Alps. Nicknamed Otzi by scientists, it is estimated that the man lived 5,300 years ago. The presence of an arrowhead nearby suggests he may have been murdered.

1994 - The Channel Tunnel opens. Measuring 49.4 km long, this tunnel under the English Channel connects Britain and France. It is now possible to travel by train from London to Paris.

1995 - US astronomers Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp discover the Hale-Bopp comet. Its core is estimated to measure 40 km wide.

1998 - The birth of Rama the 'Cama' is announced in Dubai. A cama is a cross between a camel and a llama. It has the long fleece of a llama, the strength of a camel and no hump!



1990 - The Irish soccer team reaches the quarter finals of the World Cup in Italy. Manager Jack Charleton and the Irish team receive a huge welcome when they arrive back in Dublin.

1992 - The GAA announces plans to redevelop Croke Park.

1993 - Algerian Noureddine Morceli sets a new world record by running a mile in 3 mins 44.39 secs.

1996 - At the Atlanta Olympics, Carl Lewis (U.S.) becomes only the second person to win gold medals at four consecutive Olympics.

Sports such as bungee jumping, snowboarding and sky surfing grow in popularity.


Fashion and Entertainment

1992 - Eurodisney opens near Paris at a cost of $4.5 billion.

1997 - The film Titanic is released. It is the most expensive film made to date.



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