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Fáilte - Welkom-Merhaba-Foon ying-Bienvenue-Welkumme-Swaagatam-Yo koso-Sveiki-Siyaalemukela-Witajcie-Bun venit-Dobro pozhalovat'-Bienvenidos-Yin dee-Bitaemo-Isibingelelo

Have you ever wondered about children who live in other countries. What type of songs do they like to sing? What are their favourite stories? How do they say 'Hello' and 'Goodbye'? What games do they like to play? Our World has lots of information on other countries. You can read lots of fairytales from other countries. You can learn how to games of children play in different countries. There are lots of art and craft ideas, printable colouring pages and fun and games. You can even learn what people say when they sneeze!!


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