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Irish Writers Online
The entry on Michael Longley.

Abbey Press
The Abbey Press page on the poets it has published.

A Michael Longley Portal
Another Abbey Press page.

A Critical Perspective from the British Council
A useful bibliography and biography.

An article on Longley and his poetry
An article in Fortnight magazine on the man and his poetry.

Another article on Longley and his poetry
'Michael Longley: Northern Ireland's poet of nature' from Contemporary Review in News & Society provided free by LookSmart Find Articles.

Michael Longley reads six of his own poems
Listen to Longley reading six poems on the Poetry Archive page.

Michael Longley reads four of his own poems
Listen to Longley reading four poems on the British Council page.

A Biography in Miniature
A biographical note.

Skoool on Longley
A page on Longley and the Leaving Certificate poems.

Talking to Students
Longley visits, reads to and talks to students in Wesley College.

Kevin Breathnach's Essay on the Leaving Certificate poems.
A Leaving Certificate student's astute comments on the poems.

The Guardian reviews Longley
A lengthy essay from the newspaper's review section.

Notes on the Poetry
A collage of notes on Longley's poetry.

Random House page with a brief biography.
An introduction and links to some of the poetry books published in America.

An Interview
Peter McDonald interviews Longley for Thumbscrew Magazine.

Another Interview
An Interview with Margaret Mills Harper for Five Points Journal.

Three Monkeys Interview
An Interview with Tom Brace for Three Monkeys Online.

PN Review Interview
Michael Longley in conversation with Jody Allen Randolph.

Southern Review Interview
Michael Longley in conversation with Dermot Healy.

Poetry Review Interview
Michael Longley interviewed in the Winter 2006/2007 issue.

Irish Times Saturday Interview
Michael Longley in conversation with Eileen Battersbyn in March 2010.

BBC Arts Extra Interview with Michael Longley at 70
Marie-Louise Muir talks to Michael Longley about his life and work in June 2010.

Wikipedia Entry on Michael Longley
A partial bibliography available on the Wikipedia Site.

Poetry International Web Note on Michael Longley
Michael Longley took part in the Poetry International Festival Rotterdam 2004. This text was written on that occasion.

Longley visiting Centenary College Louisiana (1)
Photographs of the visit.

Longley visiting Centenary College Louisiana (2)
A report on the visit.

Michael Longley's Writing Desk
A photograph and a commentary on the desk.

A Photograph of Michael Longley
Mexican photographer Antonio Olmos exhibits this on his blog.

An early Poem (1966)
A poem, Persephone, from his first collection chosen as poem of the week (16 March 2009)in the Guardian newspaper and commented on by Carol Rumens and Guardian readers.

Four Poems
Poetry printed in the magazine Ploughshares.

Five Poems and Four Quotations
Poetry printed in the magazine Resurgence.

A Recent Poem
A poem, Call, about Carrigskeewaun printed in Poetry Review (2006).

Another Recent Poem
A poem, Cloudberries, printed in The New Yorker (2007).

A Further Recent Poem
A poem, In the New York Public Library, printed in The New Yorker (2008).

Review of the Collected Poems
A review of the Collected Poems by David Wheatley for the Guardian.

Review of the Selected Poems
A review of the Selected Poems from the New Hope International Review.

Review of The Ghost Orchid
Philip Hobsbaum reviews The Ghost Orchid for Thumbscrew.

Review of Snow Water
A review from The Guardian.

A BBC page devoted to the poem.

A page devoted to the poem The Civil Servant from Wreaths.

The Leveret
A video file of Longley reading the poem.

The president of the Shakespeare Association of America responds to the poem.

A YouTube video of the poet reading his poem in 1995.

Ceasefire and the American Connection
Senator Edward Kennedy of America responds to the poem Ceasefire in a lecture entitled "Northern Ireland - A view from America".

Mountain Swim
A copy of the poem "Mountain Swim" in Longley's own handwriting.

RTE Radio Interview
In a personal and fascinatingly wide-ranging interview with fellow Belfast poet and presenter, Gerald Dawe, Michael Longley talks about his growing up in Belfast, his love of jazz, his early tentative steps in writing poetry, his friendship with Seamus Heaney and Derek Mahon, his love of nature and the forces and passions that have shaped his life and his writing.

Seamus Heaney
A related Teachnet site.


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